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# What are Affordable Bathroom Upgrades?

There are several affordable bathroom upgrades homeowners can do to refresh their space without breaking the bank. Some options include:

– Installing new cabinet hardware, sinks, or faucets. This is inexpensive but makes a big impact.

– Replacing light fixtures, exhaust fans, or installing lighting under cabinets. Proper lighting transforms a bath.

– Laying peel-and-stick floor tiles which are easier on the body and budget than retiling.

– Swapping out bathtub/shower curtains and accessories with new colors.

– Applying fresh paint on walls and adding molding, or switching out towel bars and racks.

– Installing inexpensive floating bamboo, laminate or vinyl floors instead of carpet.

With minimal expense, these quick bathroom makeovers can vastly improve curb appeal and functionality of the space. Proper planning prevents costly exhaustive renovations.

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