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# Cost of Kitchen Countertops

The cost of kitchen countertops can vary widely depending on the material:

– Laminate counters range from $15-30 per square foot for an affordable durable surface.

– Solid surface counters like quartz cost $50-100 per square foot due to their dense nonporous makeup.

– Natural stone counters such as granite are more expensive at $40-80 per square foot and require sealing and maintenance.

-Butcher block and wood countertops range from $35-75 per square foot and develop character over time but must be resealed periodically.

– Stainless steel counters provide a sleek look at $100-200 per square foot but show fingerprints and scratches easily.

Additional costs include fabricating, installing, edge treatments and backsplashes. Higher quality materials yield greater resale value.

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