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# What are Affordable Furniture Options for Home Additions?

When adding living spaces like home offices, playrooms or bedrooms through remodeling,furnishing can strain budgets. Here are some low-cost furniture ideas:

– Multi-functional furniture – Convertible furniture saves costs by pulling double duty. Murphy beds, sofabeds serve as couch and bed.

– Used/Vintage furniture – Thrifty options found on sites like Facebook Marketplace or at garage sales. Renew with paint/stain.

– DIY furniture – Upcycle leftover wood into shelving,desks. Pallets become Headboards. Consult guides online.

– Rental/borrowing – Rent furniture short-term until budget allows purchase or borrow rarely used pieces from family.

– IKEA hacks – Inexpensive but sturdy IKEA furniture can yield high-end looks through creative assembly or embellishments.

– Open shelving – Display items attractively on open shelves versus expensive built-ins for storage.

Furnishing an Empty Home Addition: Transforming Space with Style and Function

Are you looking to make the most of your new home addition? Transforming an empty space into a stylish and functional area can be an exciting project. Whether you have added a new room, expanded your living area, or built a sunroom, furnishing the space requires careful planning and creative ideas. In this article, we will guide you through the …

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