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# What is Affordable Plumbing Upkeep?

Keeping plumbing running well doesn’t require expensive repairs if small issues are addressed early through regular maintenance.

– Replace washers in leaky faucets and showerheads yourself in minutes using YouTube guides.

– Clean out mineral buildup in taps regularly using vinegar which unclogs cheaply.

– Inspect supply lines and drain traps for cracks, leaks and repair/replace preventively.

– Inexpensive plunger can fix blockages better than calling a plumber for small drainage issues.

– Clean sewer lines using affordable chemical/basket systems once in 6 months.

– Check toilet tanks aren’t running constantly which wastes water. Replace flappers/floats if faulty.

– Insulate exposed external pipes in attics,crawlspaces to prevent freezing damage.

Addressing minor plumbing fixes promptly avoids costly emergency repairs down the line.

Saving Money with Preventative Plumbing Maintenance

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