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# What is Air Filter Replacement?

Replacing air filters regularly in HVAC systems is an important maintenance task to improve indoor air quality and ensure optimal performance.

– Filters trap dust, dander and other allergens circulating through the vents. Over time, they clog up.

– The type depends on the system – HVAC reusable filters in central air, or disposable filters in window units.

– Filters should be replaced at least every 30-90 days depending on system usage and allergy/pollution levels.

– Specialized filters serve those with asthma/allergies, capturing even finer particles.

– Replacing filters is generally a DIY job taking minutes done safely following manufacturer guidelines.

– Clean air filters help reduce energy costs, decrease wear and tear on HVAC components extending their lifespan.

Regular filter swaps are affordable ways to breathe cleaner, healthier indoor air.

The Ultimate Guide: Change HVAC Filters for Better Air Quality

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