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# What are Airflow Problems?

Poor airflow in buildings can cause uncomfortable and unhealthy issues if not addressed. Some common problems include:

– **Blockages** like dense furnishings restricting vent flows.

– **Leaks** around windows, doors allowing unconditioned air exchange.

– **Unbalanced ducts** with some rooms receiving excess flow while others lack.

– **Inefficient appliances** adding moisture without adequate ventilation.

– **Missing supplies/returns** in renovated spaces disrupting intended flow.

– **Talcum/humidifier residue** building up in ducts diffusing airflow.

– **Thermal stacking** effects pulling warm air up and leaving lower levels stagnant.

Signs may include musty smells, condensation, uneven temps. Correcting airflow glitches optimizes comfort, air quality and system performance.

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