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# Best Tile Materials for Bathrooms

Different tile materials suit bathrooms for durability and visuals. Top options are:

– **Porcelain** – very durable, waterproof, varied textures/styles, withstand heat/impact. Easy to clean.

– **Stone** (marble, travertine, etc) – luxurious look but requires sealing and more maintenance. Can stain.

– **Glass** – comes in glossy or textured, can withstand moisture, adds depth. May scratch or break.

– **Ceramic** – standard, budget option. Durable, wide designs available but can crack or stain over time.

– **Mosaics** – tiny pieces create intricate patterns for accents. Requires grout sealing to withstand moisture.

– **Terrazzo** – durable cement with glass/marble chips embeds. Heat resistant and anti-slip.

Proper installation methods and ongoing sealant protect tile materials and maximize lifespan.

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