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# Creating a Relaxing Bathroom Atmosphere

There are several effective ways to achieve a soothing environment in the bathroom:

– Soft lighting such as recessed LEDs, sconces or scented candles create a warm ambiance.

– Incorporating natural elements like wood, stone, plants and running water has calming effects.

– Chamomile, lavender or eucalyptus essential oils diffused into the air are aromatherapy stress relievers.

– Warm color palettes like light blues, greys and taupes induce tranquility versus clinical cold tones.

– Soft fabrics on towels, curtains or rugs are inviting to use versus harsh synthetic textures.

– Minimizing clutter and optimizing storage instills a peaceful sense of order and ease.

– Muted sounds from a sound machine or apps block disruptive household noise.

Focusing on sensory comfort relaxes both mind and body.

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