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# Creative storage solutions for small bathrooms

Maximizing storage is key in compact bathrooms – think vertically and multi-dimensionally:

– Install floating or over-the-toilet shelving for baskets, linens and decor.

– Utilize slanted ceiling space with wall-mounted racks, cabinets, organizers.

– Add adjustable and removable shelves, trays and racks inside existing cabinets.

– Consider furniture pieces like towel ladders, caddy carts, basket dressers near sinks.

– Install multi-level pull-out drawers, stackable trays under the vanity or sink.

– Make use of narrow walls with pegboards, hooks and tension rods to hang items.

– Repurpose unused space behind doors with cabinets, mirror shelves, wall shelves.

Getting creative maximizes function in minimum bathroom footprints.

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