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# Home Maintenance
Regular maintenance is important to keep a home running efficiently and avoid costly repairs. It includes checking the roof for damages, clearing gutters and testing sump pumps biannually. Inspecting the foundation and exterior for cracks and signs of moisture every season is recommended. Trimming trees and landscaping ensures proper drainage. Servicing HVAC systems annually extends lifespan. Replacing filters and cleaning vents quarterly boost indoor air quality. Inspecting plumbing and fixtures for leaks or blockages weekly tomonthly based on use. Organizing and deep cleaning cabinets, shelves, fridge and appliances periodically.Updating smoke and carbon monoxide detectors batteries. Conducting safety checks and minor repairs helps preserve and protect a home’s integrity and value in the long run.

10 Easy DIY Handyman Jobs to Save Money

Are you looking to save some extra cash? Instead of hiring a handyman, why not try tackling some simple home improvement tasks yourself? With a little bit of time and effort, you can easily complete these 10 handyman jobs and keep your hard-earned money in your pocket. No need to worry if you’re not an experienced DIY-er – these projects …

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