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# HVAC Repair and Replacement Terms

It’s important to understand common terms related to HVAC repair and replacement:

– Diagnosis: The process of determining what is wrong. Technicians check components, performance and safety systems.

– Repair: Fixing the specific part or issue, like cleaning coils, replacing motors or soldering joints. May also involve installation of new parts.

– Overhaul: Disassembling major appliances like compressors for internal inspection and potential rebuilding to like-new operation.

– Retrofit: Upgrading older equipment with more efficient or advanced components without full system replacement.

– Replace: Installing a completely new system when a repair would not be cost-effective. This may involve permits if equipment size changes.

Knowing these terms helps understand options for extending equipment lifespan versus signs it’s time to upgrade entirely for optimal performance, lower utility bills and proper home indoor climate control.

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