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# HVAC System Repairs

All HVAC systems will eventually need repairs to maintain performance efficiency and prevent more costly replacement. Common system repairs include:

– Replacing broken or worn parts like capacitors, contactors, belts and filters.

– Repairing gas leaks, thermostat issues or leaks in refrigerant piping.

– Lubricating and cleaning evaporator and condenser coils restricted by dirt and debris.

– Recharging low refrigerant or addressing leaks in central air conditioners.

– Adjusting or replacing faulty valves, controls or pressure switches.

– Repairing furnace heat exchangers or burner assemblies if corroded or cracked.

Regular tune-ups catch small problems before more extensive repairs are needed. Homeowners should have systems inspected annually to catch any repairs beneficial to function and utility costs before major appliances require replacement. Professional repairs done correctly can extend HVAC lifespan for many more years.

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