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# What is proper electrical maintenance?

Proper electrical maintenance ensures optimum safety and performance of a home’s wiring and fixtures. It involves inspecting devices regularly for signs of overheating, loose connections, fraying wires and making repairs. Outlets should be tested periodically and damaged or unreliable ones replaced immediately. Circuit boxes must have proper clearance and fuse/breaker sizes matched to current loads. Light fixtures are inspected for integrity and cleaned. Ground fault circuits are tested twice annually. Wires are examined in crawl spaces and attics for cracks or exposed copper indicating repair is needed. A licensed electrician does repairs and major inspections every 5-10 years. Proper upkeep prevents expensive repairs and fire hazards, extending the life of all electrical components.

Boost Energy Efficiency: Top Electrical Upgrades for a Greener Home

Introduction In today’s world, where energy conservation is crucial for both the environment and our wallets, upgrading our electrical systems can have a significant impact. By making smart electrical upgrades, we can improve energy efficiency, reduce our carbon footprint, and lower our energy bills. In this article, we will explore a variety of electrical upgrades that can help you achieve …

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