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# What is your estimated timeline for completing this home addition?

Every home renovation project has variables that can impact estimated timelines. However, based on the scope of work you’ve outlined which includes building a 500 square foot addition to extend your master bedroom and bathroom, installing new electrical and plumbing lines, and enclosing it with siding to match your existing home, my estimated timeline is 16-20 weeks. This would allow for 4 weeks of design and permitting, 8 weeks for construction including a foundation, framing, roofing and enclosure, and 4-8 weeks for final touches like flooring, trim work, fixtures and landscaping. Major factors outside our control like weather delays or unexpected issues could lengthen the timeline. I’m confident we can complete your project efficiently while meeting all applicable codes and standards.

Key Questions to Ask Your Home Addition Contractor

Are you planning a home addition? Hiring the right contractor is crucial to ensure a successful and stress-free project. But with so many options out there, how do you find the perfect fit for your needs? By asking the right questions, of course! In this article, we will explore the key questions you should ask your home addition contractor to …

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